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[Sticky] How To Open A Paypal Account In Nigeria 2019 : Paypal Nigeria 2019 - Free Opening Pay Pal Account 2019 - Paypal Business Account  



How to open paypal account in Nigeria 2019 with step-by-step free videos following steps below:
(1) You need to visit Paypal website as provided in this guide without VPN
(2) Signup following the instructing with an email
(3) Filling your details
(4) Avoid filling fake details or wrong details
(5) Upload any verification document requested
(6) Connect Your Naira ATM card folloing this guide instruction
(7) Verify your account with code sent through your card bank account email and SMS
(8) You have a verified account
(9) Login to check without IP or VPN using Nigeria IP
(10) Send your email to start receiving Paypal fund across the world in Nigeria
(11) Exchange via tursted exchanger or withdraw to payoneer account
(12) From Payoneer withdraw straight to Nigeria bank account
(13) Alternatively use any of the listed trusted Paypal exchangers in Nigeria

Paypal Business Account - Paypal in Nigeria 2019 (2019 Paypal Nigeria Guide): A-Z Guide on How To Open Paypal Account In Nigeria To Receive And Make Payment Without Limits. This guide answers the following questions:

(1) how to open a verified paypal account in nigeria without ip vpn 2019

(2) how to open a verified paypal account in nigeria without ip vpn 2019

(3) How to open Pay pal account in Nigeria

(4) How to open Paypal business account 

(5) Paypal account Guide 2019

(6) how to open a verified paypal account in Nigeria without ip vpn 2019

(7) Paypal Nigeria Bank

(8) Paypal Exchangers in Nigeria and Paypal Exchange rate

And so much more........

Foskaay forum A-Z Guide on How To Open Paypal Account In Nigeria That Can Receive Paypal fund from Fiverr, Upwork, Freelance and any other individual or businesses worldwide And can use it to Make Payment Without changing your Nigeria IP with VPN. 100% works with your Nigeria details so nothing to fear.








Our fresh paypal account receiving payment less than 2hours of opening it.

our verified paypal account image

This guide is not most of the copy-paste repetitive guide you have ever read online or heard offline about Pay pal in Nigeria. WHY is this different?

It is different because have read almost all those Paypal account guides myself and even bought some (yeah nothing bad paying to get helpful info - don't always be freebies seeker - it sucks you - lol!) and made mistakes, learned a lot by the way and finally I made a complete step by step video recordings of

- how I opened a verified Paypal account right here in Nigeria,

- used my Naija details and

- within an hour received my first fund into it via Fiverr (yeah that cool $53 from my animation biz on Fiverr - I offer training on it if you want to start earning online via Fiverr too). See screenshot above.

- You will have a verified Paypal you can use to represent your business as seen from our account status screenshot above (this is not a fake-it paypal account that easily get blocked or limited).

- You will discover how to remove paypal withdrawal limit as seen from our account screenshot below.


So, what do I have for you in this guide? - All you need to know about Naija Paypal without limit or VPN and enjoy the limitless online freedom via Paypal account.

(1) Intro To Paypal Account + Restrictions on Nigeria accounts stopping your previous account with frustrating limits

(2) How to open Paypal account that can receive and make payment in Nigeria

(3) How to verify your PayPal account

(4) How To receive payment with Your Paypal account in Nigeria

(5) How to link your Nigerian card with your Paypal

(6) How to check your PayPal fund balance without VPN - yeah freely with Naija IP

(7) How to Withdraw Your Paypal fund into Naira - verified exchangers

(8) How to Send Paypal fund to anyone within and outside Nigeria from your account

(9) How to fund your Paypal account with Pay pal funds to buy, shop and pay for products and services and merchants online anywhere in the world.

(10) Difference between Paypal GnS and FnF

(11) How To Check if Your Paypal Account is Verified Paypal Account or Unverified Paypal Account

(12) How To Make Payment With Your Paypal Account On Any Website + Shop Online

(13) How To Receive Payment Via Paypal Without A Website (Video added 5th January 2019)

(14) How To remove Paypal Account Withdrawal Limits

Below section (15) added on 29th December 2018

(15) How Much Does It Cost To Verify Paypal Account With Naira Card and Duration

Other questions will be added frequently as they arise

Question and Answer - Ask via comment to get an answer - if you try disturbing me with phone calls or WhatsApp chat, I will simply block you off. It's a free guide, thus learn to avoid stressing me after spending so many hours putting this guide together. I will try my best to answer all the questions in the comment within 1hour to 48hours.


Is it 100% Free? - Yes, only if you are not too lazy to REGISTER and LOGIN to your account free on this Foskaayfroum. That means you need to become a member of this forum which is free to join and use 100%. Login and come back to this article to access the full guide without charges (in case you lost the link after login, just use the "search forum" search box to find the article). Yeah become a Foskaayforumer or Foskaaymer or whatever name you call it - lol 🤣  😀  🤩 


Is there hidden charges for me to release this first-hand hot cake Paypal info that is not just packed with screenshots but with video so any dummy can have it done in 30minutes or less? - The answer is CAPITAL NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 😝  🤑  😎 


Yeah, let's get started asap....... 


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