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How To Withdraw From Paypal in Nigeria  



This guide reveals working Paypal withdrawal methods every Paypal users in Nigeria should know with how to open Paypal account that can send as FnF and GnS.

I won't be giving cock and bull story but will guide you through different ways to withdraw your Paypal funds into your bank account in Nigeria. 

That's my account to clear doubts and you notice the last transaction on it was 3rd June 2019 within is less than 2days to when I publish this article on 5th June 2019


If you want to make money online beyond Nigeria, you surely need a Paypal, like I make money presently on Fiverr, Flippa, Backlinks, Sponsored posts and others it became a necessity to get a means to have a working Paypal account and beyond that to be able to withdraw my earnings into my Nigerian bank account.

That lead me to research like you doing now which lead you here and even bought about 3 different guides but there is one thing I discovered along the line.

Paypal is dynamic and due to the limitations placed on Nigeria Paypal account, you will need to be on the lookout per time for how to withdraw your money has have seen a lot of vibrant Paypal exchanges suddenly packing up due to issues like chargebacks and fraud or Paypal limiting/suspending their account.

My experience eventually births what I now call "Paypal Mastery Club" Or Paypal Mastery Group.


What is Paypal Mastery Club?

It is the official Paypal club for members of this forum and all discussions are done via a private group dedicated for it on this forum. 

Like said above, I have come to realize that a one time guide, ebook or even video will not permanently solve this issues as you need to be informed per time what is working, what stopped working and lot more to keep safe with Paypal.

In this special group, I will be dropping the latest updates as I explore different withdrawal mediums and share the live experience with recommendations if to use it or not.

As am writing this now, I tried testing out a platform to withdraw from Paypal to my Nigeria account and they deducted Paypal fund but it is about 2weeks and no payment received yet. I will share such experience and how to avoid platforms like that in the club. See prove below:


What're the advantages of joining Foskaay Paypal Mastery Club?

1) Up-to-date information of what is working and what is not for Nigerians as regards to Paypal

2) You will be guided on how to open verified Paypal account that can receive payment and then send out to any other Paypal account as Friends and Family (FnF) and also Goods and Services (GnS). This alone, you charge and earn N5,000 above to help others open and verify their Paypal account in less than an hour.

3) List of methods to withdraw Paypal funds into your Naira bank account. Let me give you an idea below:

Method 1 = Withdraw at CBN rate at the time of withdrawing (N360/$ and above) to Card, then to your bank account

Method 2 = Withdraw at CBN rate at the time of withdrawing (N360/$ and above)  directly to you Naira Bank account

Method 3 = Withdraw at N320/$ and above.

Method 4 = Withdraw at N290/$ and above

Method 5 = Withdraw at N285/$ and above

Method 6 = Withdraw into a Dollar account

Method 7 = Withdraw at your desired price via offering Paypal payment services

Method 8 = others as they surface per time. You will also get an update for newly discovered methods.

4) The secrets to making money with the above knowledge. Open accounts for others and make money, help them withdraw for a commission or buy cheap and resell


5) You have access to my support in case of having issues with Paypal. A lot of Paypal issues that can surface anytime.


How To Join Foskaay Paypal Mastery Club?

Considering have paid to buy a lot of Paypal guides and actively testing different withdrawal methods which if am to charge would be high but am launching out this with a token below.

Membership Plan A = N30,000 for 1year

Membership Plan B = N50,000 for 2years

But, am giving this at discount since its new to first 10 members only for N15,000 to have access to up-to-date information and discuss live about anything Paypal from opening account, to ways to earn into it and then withdraw to Naira.

The N15,000 bonus gives access to the whole 1 year of live discussion, research, test about Paypal in Nigeria.

If you want to claim this before too late, make payment into account below and then pick a chat with the admin of this forum (whatsapp/sms/call 07066052228) to add you up to the group where you have access to:

1) Paypal Video guide to open an account that can receive and send as FnF and GnS

2) Over 7 ways to withdraw from Paypal into your Nigeria account.

3) 1 year membership

4) Does and don't of Paypal to avoid been banned and losing your money

5) Guide to earn money online into your Paypal account

6) How to buy Paypal funds for as low as N270 to N321 from legitimate sources.

7) You can refer others to join the club and pocket 50% of their payment (that is N7,500 above by members you refer)











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