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How to grow Instagram followers - Get real Instagram followers organically without using fake followers methods  



In this do it yourself (DIY guide) article, I want to answer a series of questions have been getting from my readers, followers, members of this forum and clients on how do I manage to grow real Instagram followers even with the constant changing of social media platform which is ever making it a herculean (very difficult) task to grow followers organically. No fake or black hat method discussed in this guide, it will get your account banned and affect your business and brand on social media.


This article will answer the following mind bothering questions in your heart:

 ☹ How to grow Instagram followers

 😢 How to grow social media for business

 😳 How to grow Instagram followers for business

 😩 Grow Instagram followers free

 😩 How to get followers on Instagram fast

 😲 Get real Instagram followers

 🤢 How to increase social media followers


Why Should You Listen To Me?

I am Olasunkanmi Fakeye by name, Web/App Design/Dev., Digital Marketing, Crypto/Blockchain, SEO and brand consultant, Foskaay.

Have been on social media since 2011 without successfully growing any of them till 2013 when I paid N30,000 to a social media guru for a 15minutes facebook chat class (don't worry, I will unveil some of the tactics I learnt which have turned me also from social media novice to pro).

Since then, I have been growing social media accounts (Facebook, IG, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.) not just for myself but mostly for Businesses and personal accounts clients till date including popular brands in Nigeria that I won't mention (if you doubt it, it is your choice - can close this article now, just part of protecting my clients identity).

In fact, my company currently charge between N5-N10 per real followers for social media growth for our clients. 


Because social media accounts are becoming increasingly very difficult to build due to spammers that have forced the social media companies to upgrade their platform with stricter measures against automated activities, spamming, fake followers and so on.

Why the spammers suffer slow down, the strict terms did not leave the innocent users like you and I. It gets us hooked also, making it more tedious to grow social media accounts followers with real people today and the fact is that it won't get any easier day by day.


Show Me Proof

Okay, check out some of the accounts we have grown and have permission to display. These are just like one-tenth of the number of accounts we have grown for ourselves at Foskaay and for our clients.


Get free instagram followers image 1 - Foskaayforum

another one.....real followers not fake...this still currently been grown.

Get free instagram followers image 2 - Foskaayforum

in case of doubt, check any of them out on IG.....this are real accounts not photoshopped 😀 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 

So, let us get started on how you can grow at least your first 1,000 to 10,000 real followers on Instagram.

1) The D & D (includes Instagram limits you should avoid or either get your account banned temporarily or permanently - Either of the two is bad for your business)

Before you begin your real followers' growth journey. There are some things have learnt by research and also discovery spending years on social media like Instagram and will drop some of it for you to stay safe.

Instagram Does and Don'ts 

i> Do not grow your account with fake followers, there is an upcoming update on Instagram that will wipe them all off and put your account at risk.

ii> Do not automate following and unfollowing (will reveal way out in the DIY videos version of this guide) it easily makes you hit IG limits and repeated violations will land you a temporal ban, then a permanent ban.

iii> Post updates that interest your followers and it helps to grow more and Instagram will sure your posts to more people

iv> Use hashtags in your posts (will share how to do this as pro in the videos)

v> Use Instagram stories it helps to reach more followers currently online and sends a signal to IG to push your post to more people because its an active account. 

more in the videos below


2) The F & F Method

3) The No F Method

4) The G Method

5) The A Method

6) The V Method

7) An indispensable but hidden tool to automate unfollowing (those with huge following knows the pain of manually unfollowing people on IG plus if Instagram restriction and get your account banned for life)

I will also be putting the above in do-it-yourself videos to make it easier for even dummies or starters to get started with ease on there own and in a little while, you are also charging others and businesses to help them build there for consistent income flow.

(social media like Instagram has a huge market with much living fake life too there, you sure a lot are willing to pay to boost their followers at least if not for business, just to show off they are influential 😀 😀 😀 🤣 ).

2) The F & F Method

3) The No F Method

4) The G Method

5) The A Method

6) The V Method

7) An indispensable but hidden tool to automate unfollowing (those with huge following knows the pain of manually unfollowing people on IG plus if Instagram restriction and get your account banned for life).

All No2 to 7 methods listed above are discussed in details in the Get Real Instagram Followers DIY Video Guide


What does the Get Real Instagram Followers DIY Video Guide contain?


😛How To Grow Your First 10,000 real Instagram Followers in 2-3Months using all the listed methods above (tested and proven - same I used to deliver real follower orders to the client for N5-N10 per real follower)


🤑 Bonus 1: How To Make money with the methods helping startup businesses to grow real followers on Instagram (This is hot cake most businesses in Nigeria are in need of this service on a daily bases)


🤣Bonus 2: How to get make your posts get more views and interactions (using hashtags and others like unusual pix)


Click Here To Download

Get Real Instagram Followers DIY Video Guide



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