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Facebook Ad Policy and Guidelines: Top 20 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Get Disapproved  



In this post, you will discover the top reasons why facebook disapproves your Facebook ads and the solutions. Mean why you should also read Top Reasons Why Facebook Ads Account Get Banned/Flagged and solutions before reading this to have a better idea of what ads disapproval can eventually lead to if not checked well. Also, Top 100 Questions Nigerians Asked Frequently About Facebook Ads May be of interest to you as well.

Who Am I To Discuss This Facebook Ads Issues and Why You Should Listen?

I am Olasunkanmi Fakeye (Web, Digital Marketing, Crypto/Blockchain, SEO and Brand Consultant, Foskaay) and have been running Facebook ads since around 2012 and handled over 50 clients on Facebook Ads within and outside Nigeria via my Best Digital Marketing and SEO company in Nigeria, Foskaay. This is not to brag but to give you understanding that I know what am talking about here not just by Googling and then copy paste to look or pretend to be a Facebook ads pro.

The issues outlined and discussed in this article are based on over 7years experience seeing how Facebook ads have revolutionized over the past years to what it is today in Nigeria and beyond (Facebook ads works the same way everywhere thus this guide will be helpful for my non-Nigerian readers as well).

Everyone that had run Facebook in the past will agree with me that facebook ads is getting tougher day by day and gone are the easy set and forget days (I which they are back but they are gone). - Foskaay

Why Facebook Ads Get Disapproved are:

(1) Quality of images used for your Facebook Ads

(2) Quality of Video used for Facebook Ads

(3) Use of Facebook Ads banned words

(4) Use of Facebook Ad banned adult contents

(5) Use of flagged Facebook page for your Facebook ads

(6) Use of Facebook Ads banned illegal materials in your FB Ad

(7) Advertising China products of Brands in your FB Ads (must read by brainwashed mini importers flooding Nigeria)

(8) Your Ads got reported by Top Brands (Many don't know about this - you will be shocked it is happening)

(9) Your ads got reported by envious competitors (yeah, bad ass jealous guys)

(10) You set too lower CPC rate for your FB Adverts (rare though!)

(11) Use of symbols and punctuations incorrectly (before you ask if Facebook Ads is a dictionary, read this)

(12) Using Facebook or related images and Brand in your ads

(13) Using too much CAPITAL LETTERS in your Facebook Ads content

(14) Using and including Facebook Ads banned websites URL in your ads 

(15) Reusing Facebook Ads banned Facebook Page Name (Ones banned, is banned forever - see why?)

(16) Adding A banned Facebook account to your Facebook page used for FB Ads

(17) Using question-based words to start the text of your ad (This will amaze you- discovered by experience)

(18) Advertising already bastardised niches by Nigerians on Facebook ads (You know my people no dey take the last nahun 🤣 ... we fit bastardize any online platform at the 😒 little opportunity for Naija - No wonder Paypal Hooked us- See How To Open Verified Paypal Account in Nigeria Without Restrictions or VPN Here)

(19) Using Flagged Facebooked Ads Payment Card (remember the rule, once banned, it is banned for life)

(20) Add yours via comment based on experience with Facebook Ads

Those are the top reasons why Facebook usually ban ads based on my experience and I will discuss each of them as listed above in-depth with solutions to each to having a higher rate of approved ads than disapproved ads in your ads account.

So, let us get started with full details for each reason......I will be discussing each of them as an answer below so you can use the comment option under each answer to ask questions directly under the points.


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