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[Solved] Foskaay SEO Technique (FoskaaSEOT) using  FoskaaySEOT Questionnaire To identify and Solve Your SEO Problems Instantly Now  



Your search for the secret of getting FREE, huge targeted organic traffic from Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex to your personal/business blog, website or forum in Nigeria (or anywhere in the World - SEO is borderless) ends here now,

With tested and proven Foskaay SEO Technique (FoskaaSEOT) used to turn a new website with a fresh domain (zero traffic) to start ranking on Page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo within 30days (1month). 

......it got over 200 pages indexed by Google, Over 25 pages index by Bing, Yandex in 30 days.

NOTE: I sometimes use Website to represent (Website,Blog,Forum etc.) all through this article

PROVE: See this keyword "Iregun in English", this website showed on top 5 in a few days and then moved,

It eventually jumped top 2 on the Google search page of over 3,000 results. That is crazy, a fresh domain website competing with authority websites like Nairaland and already knocked down many of the authority websites behind to take 2nd position. Check the screenshot above again to see some of them.

Foskaay SEO Technique


Not just that, it moved from zero Domain Authority DA0 to DA13 (DA range from 0 to 100, the higher the number the higher your website authority and chances to rank higher over competitors in search results and also better adverts offers on top coooooool traffic),

PROVE: DA zero on 19th December 2018, two days after this Cheap .com domain website registered for N1,000 only on 17th/December/2018

Then 4days after, 23rd December 2019 it remain same DA0 but got PA1 and MOZ0.10


From zero Page Authority to PA14 (PA range from 0 to 100, the higher the number the higher the specific page authority on your website and chances to rank higher over competitors in search results and also better adverts offers on top huge traffic),

PROVE: Precisely 31st January 2019. I checked again and behold using DA PA MOZ Checker Tools, it had eventually moved from DA0, PA0 and MOZ0.00 to DA13, PA15 and Moz1.50 in Just one month of implementing Foskaay SEO Technique.


From zero Alexa ranking to less than 5millionth position worldwide (there are over 1Billion websites worldwide),

PROVE: 19th December 2018, Alexa is yet to even pick it up at all.

PROVE: On 14th January 2019, ALEXA was able to rank it for the first time and it grabbed less than 9millionth position out of over 1Billion website on the World Wide Web. Alexa is able to analyse and rank a website better when its 3 months old and above (so, I expect better ranking later).

PROVE: On 31st January 2019, it ranked less than 6.5millionth position with still zero ranking from Nigeria which is the main primary target of this website. But remember its just a month old so chances are still there to rank well in Nigeria.


And among top 20,000 websites in Nigeria (there are over 200,000 websites in Nigeria),

PROVE: On 8th February 2019, our best Nigeria Forum finally got first Nigeria ranking position sitting at 36,030 out of over 200,000 websites in Nigeria.


.... All within a month without any Blackhat or link buying.


Even if you are not impressed by all those results because you aim for a higher result than that, do remember it was achieved in just 30days with a fresh domain with zero traffic, no backlink and not an expired domain with any previous ranking or authority to start from.

Yeah, you know what it takes to hit DA5 or D10 within the first month of registering a domain less than 45days old?

It indeed near an impossible task for about 99% Website/Blog owners in Nigeria.

It does take some at least 6months to 1year to achieve that same result.

This guide will reveal all to you step-by-step how I achieved that with Foskaay SEO Technique (FoskaaSEOT).

Also, I will show you how you can repeat the same for your new or existing personal/business website/blog and knock down your COMPETITORS,

To take over the first page on Google amidst the first 10 SERP results, then to top 5 and additionally to top zero position known as Google Featured Snippet for your target keywords.

Aside from that, you will also discover the secrets of top 50-100 websites in Nigeria raking in millions of traffic to them monthly for FREE,

Did I just said for FREE, yeah I mean they usually get millions of free High targeted and converting traffics to their website/blog/forum for free without paying a dime on per
and Monthly basis.

This method is able to force you from Shared hosting to VPS or Dedicated hosting because when it's fully ripes🍊🍉🍓, your website/blog will be shutting down for OverTrafficking😳😁😘.

I had to move my host from A to this hosting provider to rescue me (though not getting millions of traffic as a new website yet but already seeing the waves, and can't wait till it happens before I act🙈😉).

So, let get started

This isn't going to be copy-paste techniques from foreign SEO experts but instead it's born out of my years of experience online personally own and run over 10 websites aside from those I handled for clients via Foskaay,

It purely what I have done and tested working here in Nigeria and also for anywhere you are in the world reading this.


(1) What is SEO?

(2) 7 Benefits of SEO and why you should start optimizing your business/personal website/blog/forum for SEO instantly

(3) Foskaay SEO Technique "BEFORE" you start and launch a Website/Blog/Forum

(4) Foskaay SEO Technique Questionnaire - must use this to diagnose and x-ray the state of your SEO immediately or keep crawling BEHIND your COMPETITORS in Google and other Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP).

(5) Foskaay SEO Technique "AFTER" you started and launched a Website/Blog/Forum

[10] Use this to manipulate search results to your favour 100% whitehat and approved by Google

(6) 9 Must have SEO tools to monitor your competitors and outrank them with this Foskaay SEO Method - Your Competitors will be angry you finally knew about this.

(7) Top Nigeria Website Huge Free Traffic Secretes Revealed - You will not need to spend a dime of PPC, CPC (paid ads) to achieve this

(8) Maintain your SEO Track

(9) Special Offers

(10) Question Time

Is it 100% Free? - Yes, only if you are not too lazy to REGISTER and LOGIN to your account free on this Foskaayfroum. That means you need to become a member of this forum which is free to join and use 100%. Login and come back to this article to access the full guide without charges (in case you lost the link after login, just use the "search forum" search box to find the article "Foskaay SEO Technique"). Yeah become a Foskaayforumer or Foskaaymer or whatever name you call it - lol 🤣  😀  🤩

Yeah, let's get started asap.......


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