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startimes how to install?  



startimes how to install? Answered below

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  • insert the long pole-end through the antenna hole and tighten the antenna rolling screws firmly until the pole laps tightly on the antenna back hole.
  • Notice that the connection cable wire has a screw end which you are expected to connect to the circuit box of the antenna facing down. Screw in the wire and ensure it goes in smoothly and tightly.
  • Remember to insulate or cover the wire screw end with water-proof masking tape. This is to prevent air or moisture contact which causes rusting. It is also necessary to tie the cable wire gently but firmly to the pole. This ensures that the wire does not sway its weight down and disengage from the antenna circuit box when the pole is lifted up.
  • The success of your Startimes decoder and antenna installation largely depends on the level of the signal obtained. At this stage, ensure the pole is raised high above any other obstruction. The roof of your building, electric power feeder wires and trees are common obstructions that may exist around your installation point. Stay away from all such obstructions.
  • Since it is a terrestrial signal receptor, your Startimes antenna needs to face directly or relatively towards the transmission mast nearest to your locality. You can find out where the transmission mast is stationed by asking dealer offices around you.
  • After these steps, connect the other end of your cable wire to the “ANTENNA IN” port behind your Startimes digital decoder. Switch ON your decoder, run a scan and enjoy the thrilling view of the super digital collection of Startimes pay-tv service.


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