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Wifi Ng Review: Tizeti Wifi Review - Wifi Providers in Nigeria  



Internet and data connection is no more luxury like it used to be but now essential. In this article, I want to do a review on Wifi Ng based on my personal experience and not paid for this but felt there are a lot out there that had been in my shoe with bad internet connection experiences and just wish to switch to other reliable broadband and wifi providers in Nigeria.

wifi-ng-tizeti-images-foskaayforum-001 Image: That's the indoor Router

If you are in Lagos or Abuja, you might not understand my view perfectly like someone staying in the second and third class states in Nigeria ...lol 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 🤣... nothing like that, I just coined those terms, make you no go tell ya, governors, oooooo before they demand to see me in their office asap 🙄 🤐 😜 


Second and Third Class States in Nigeria are the states that only get to enjoy technology that has been in vogue in Lagos after one to five years down the line.- Foskaay.


I also belong to the second class state "Ogun State", though nearest to Lagos "First class state" but far behind it when it has to do with technology advancement.

Have tried to break free from the frustrating internet service by MTN, GLO, Airtel and co. In fact, there was a time I spend nothing less than N20,000-N30,000+ monthly on subscription since my business runs 24/7 online.

In case you don't know, this forum you are reading now is one of my online businesses and imagine how it would have been possible to push it (to the Best question and answer forum in Nigeria within 6months of starting it and have over 7,500 questions and answers added) without access to fast, reliable and unlimited internet like Wifi.com.ng and some few other wifi providers in Nigeria offers.

Back in those days, I do split my subscriptions into N5,000-N10,000 for MTN, N2,000 -N5,000 for Airtel, N2,000 - N5,000 for Etisalat (Now 9Mobile)... 


Because MTN may work for some hours or days and pack-off, will have to switch to another network instantly - it was indeed stressful and frustrating... I pray such days never come again in my journey to building a digital empire like this forum.....God 🤗 🤗 🤗 🙄 

Eventually, I landed a broadband internet provider called Arcelor (might review them too later) and they did a good job no bi lie except, for one thing, their data subscription is capped and after using them for 6months, the request for data use for my team working day and night behind the scene to make this forum what it is today increased tremendously, I sent them message to see if it could be adjusted but got no response, so I decided to also ignore them an search for better alternative (did I just say better alternative, yeah in data cap, download speed and subscription cost)

Yeah, eventually Oluwa seun (that is Yoruba word for thanking God), I got hooked to Wifi ng and as am writing this article (5th June 2019), my first one-month subscription with them will expire in about 24hours time (6th June 2019).

And I must confess, it been interesting to experience internet access at such reliable speed like never before for me and my team.

Thus, I will resubscribe and continue using them (but in case they also disappoint later, you will see my update to this post sharpaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😀 😀 😀 😀 🤣 with where I port to because am not ready to migrate to a first class states like Lagos with all the traffic and lagosiiiii palafa 🙄 😮 , I dey enjoy my Egba like ki lode 😜 


Image: That's the outside antenna

Now, let us talk about what does it cost, maintenance and internet speed.


Wifi Ng Review focus on user experience based review of the following:

1) The similarity between Wifi Ng and Tizeti Wifi

2) Wifi Ng Setup Fees / Tizeti Wifi Setup Fees (Plus must have before you consider this)

3) Wifi Ng Data Plans / Tizeti Data Plans

4) Wifi com Ng Coverage Areas / Tizeti Wifi Coverage Areas

5) Wifi Ng Payment / Tizeti Payment

6) Wifi Ng Download and Upload Speed / Tizeti Wifi Download and Upload Speed

7) How Many Devices Can Use Wifi Ng/Tizeti Wifi At A Go

8) Customer Support (personal rating, you can add yours too based on experience)


Very sorry to disappoint you

What do you mean?

I mean to say, I have added all information about the listed review focus above  as answers one by one to this post so you can use the comment option under each to ask me questions and I will be here to help out or maybe any of their agents could signup and provide support to this thread without bias.

The only but is that, you can only access answers to questions on this forum if you are a MEMBER (before you say anything, membership is 100% FREE, Click Here to REGISTER or LOGIN - you even earn Foskaay token as member which you can exchange for Free Data, Airtime, Cash and lot more in our official MARKETPLACE)

....so, register and login...incase you missed this article link after login. Use the "Search Forum" box to search for "Wifi ng Review" and it will show up easily for you.

If already logged in, ignore and scroll down to read full review FREEEEEEEEE 😀 😀 😀 😀 

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